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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Results of Promo - AweSome!

Okay, as many of you already know, I recently had three free days for my first book of shorts in my WWIV series. Immediately below is the graphic I used, and next to that were my predictions for this giveaway.

It ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday two weeks ago. From the research I performed, and based on all my other giveaways, I came up with these goals:

Friday Goal - 100 units

Saturday Goal - 75 units

Sunday Goal - 50 units

Total for all days - 225 units.

Promo Time

I placed several small ads on the days above. Let's say six; why "let's say"? Well, I'm not sure all of the ads ran. I was busy with my wife's family that weekend, so I didn't have the time needed to check on all of them.

Also, I placed it in FaceBook on my author page and my personal page. Several friends shared the promo with their followings, and for that I thank them! I further used my blog to promo the giveaway and Twitter (and we all know how well that platform works for things such as this).

And the Results are in

Friday Dec 19th - 236 units (goal was 100)

Saturday Goal - 231 units (75)

Sunday Goal - 95 units (50)

Total for all days - 563 units.

Happy, Blessed, and Thrilled - all in one

Perhaps I'm just goofy. But hey, I more than doubled my goal. And this means that 563 new readers have been introduced to my writing. That's the thrilling part. Even if all of them aren't new readers of my series, the majority most likely are (darn Amazon is so stingy with details like this).

And here's the best part

WWIV - Darkness Descends cracked the top 600 in Free Kindle Books during this period. Actually, it crawled a little higher at one point, somewhere near number 500. But of course, I was busy and couldn't take a screenshot at that time.

Yes, I could have done better with a little better planning, finding a few more places to promote the giveaway, spending a little more money (my budget = $50), and getting the word out to even more of my family and friends.

But with a little bit of planning, it was still a great promotion (at least in my mind). If you'd like more details, drop me a line. I'll be happy to share what I can.

If you would like to know when my next free offer comes, join my readers group here. You will also information soon about discounted pre-release pricing for my soon to be released book  WWIV - Basin of Secrets.

Happy New Year Everyone,

e a lake

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