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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

You are really gonna miss this!

You're at a restaurant - like maybe right now. If so, look around. What do you see? Almost everyone has their attention focused on that device in their hands...their cellular phone.

A cell phone is primarily meant for communication, right? At least that was its original intent. But nowadays? Entertainment, news, sports...everything. And people have grown real attached to these devices. Very Attached.

Say goodbye to your little friend

When the Darkness arrives, those handheld devices will be useless. No more texting or chatting with friends. No hour long phone calls with mom and dad. No quick goodnight calls to significant others hundreds of miles away. Nothing, gone, kaput. Dead silence...forever.

Think about it for a moment. How, just how, are you going to communicate with others now? Landlines will be just as useless; no fax machines or pagers either. The Post Office is closed - permanently. 

Looks like you are going to get to know your neighbors after all! What were their names again? Lonnie and Melanie...or something like that?

And no Internet to boot

Jeez, this gets worse by the moment, doesn't it? No text messages, or SnapChats (whatever they are), or Instagram (never used it myself). Just word of mouth now. Perhaps some written letters and notes, as well.  But mostly one on one communication from the moment the Darkness arrives.

And what are you going to do? I'm not letting you give up. No, not going to be an easy way out here. Not this time; not ever again. You're stuck in the middle of a world that is so unfamiliar to most. 

Maybe it's time for a good support system. A human support system. Anyone think they need to work on the interpersonal human relationship skills? Maybe before the Darkness arrives?

Yeah, I thought so.

I'll have a wrap-up for you next week. Now that your electricity, and transportation, and communication is all gone to hell you'll pay attention. Maybe you can still survive. Maybe.

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