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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Darkness: World War IV

The Darkness, simply put, is the End of The World as We Know It! The event which causes the Darkness is actually WWIII. It's an event that will last only mere moments, but what it leaves in its wake is a world we never expected. A place where life isn't as precious as it was - even moments before.

World War 3 has come and gone

It was the old "twinkle of an eye" kind of thing. One moment everything was fine: The world was whole, all things worked as intended, people - for the most part - were happy.

And then at 2:33 a.m. (US Central time zone) one hot August night, the world changed...forever.

Many of my readers assume it was an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). But let me tell you a secret - it wasn't. I can't tell you yet what exactly happened (and yes, I do already know), but if you look up at night, you'll have a hint.

What's the worst about the Darkness?

That's an easy one. Besides the obvious (everything!) here's what's missing.

Electricity disappeared with that eye twinkle as well. That's kind of a crucial utility to lose. That means your furnace won't work, neither will your air conditioning. And don't even get me started on what you're going to do for fresh water.

That means nursing homes and hospitals will be left without power (the backup generators got fried too).

People will start to die within hours. The old, the infirmed, those who depend on others for help or food. Babies in incubators and hooked up to machines will perish.

Within days our medical systems will be overrun and collapse. Police and emergency services will simply give up. There will be no Army or National Guard coming to the rescue. The American people, and every citizen of the world, will be completely helpless...and on the own.

And the Darkness will reign

Thus begins World War IV: Humankind's struggle for survival. Precisely what Einstein was speaking of in his quote. And the battle will be fought with sticks and stones.

And I'm not sure mankind will win.

It begins!


Until next time,

e a lake

Friday, February 19, 2016

Apple vs. The Big Bad Wolf

Yes, I am oversimplifying things with the title above. And yes, there are always two sides to every story. But no, I don't honestly know where I stand on this issue yet.

Okay, here's what's at Stake

Me and my iPhone

(Not me per se, but you understand)


The United States Department of Justice

And the winner will be --- Absolutely No One!

Here's why:

  • The DOJ needs Apple's help to get into the cell phone from one of the San Bernadino Shooter's iPhones.

  • Apple does not want to open Pandora's Box.

I'm sure they both have compelling reasons. But this case is a no win!

If Apple "unlocks" the Phone

It will be seen as a defeat for personal privacy by many. Big Brother now has the precedent (and know how) to invade all of our lives at any time they wish.

If the DOJ doesn't get in the Terrorist's Phone

We may never know what they knew. And we may never find out if other sleeper cells have similar activities planned.

Or, we may just find that this guy had an awesome score on Candy Crush, or something like that.

You can see both sides of the argument. Privacy vs. Saftey. The average US citizen vs. Big Government.

No one wins here, folks. I just wish they would have handled this behind the scenes and worked something out. Yes, in this case, treat us like mushrooms: in the dark and covered with crap.

After all, that's what large companies and the government do every day, isn't it?!

Until next time, hang in there.

e a lake

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Yes, it will be that BAD!

Tell me what you see here? Come on, tell me.

They're grocery store shelves, nearly empty. I believe this photo comes to us from the UK, but it's not a sight that we are immune to here in the US either.

The Great East Coast Blizzard of two weeks past

The above scene was shown in many, many papers. My youngest son and his family live in Norfolk (VA) proper. He told me people were going "nuts", stocking up on food and supplies there. And they were only going to get an inch, or two, of snow in that part of the state.

Any Hurricane about to hit mainland "Anywhere"

Last fall that same son of mine watched nervously for several days as a hurricane approached. Fortunately, for many people, it stayed out in the Atlantic (though they did receive tremendous amounts of rain). Nonetheless, people went crazy buying up food, water, building (perhaps re-building) materials and everything else they could get their hands on.

So yes, when the Darkness arrives, things will be messy

A common belief of many people is that if we experience some cataclysmic event, society will be all right for a while. Maybe a month, maybe two. But, in their minds, things will hold together longer than most preppers believe.


Imagine a world where your electricity is gone; your vehicle doesn't start - won't even turn over. A world where all forms of electronic communication fail to work.

And you can tell me - with a straight face - that all hell isn't going to break loose sooner rather than later? I don't think so, friend. This is the apocalypse...and the Darkness has arrived.

History, as mentioned above, proves me right. When things go bad, people tend to take care of themselves first, and later they will help their neighbors. But when this new world lasts for weeks on end, what's theirs is theirs. Plain and simple.

So yes, the Darkness will be that bad...and worse. Read all about it here: The Darkness.

Until next week, chin up. Spring is only three months away here in Minnesota.

e a lake

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Friday, February 5, 2016

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