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Thursday, April 28, 2016

If you like Post-Apocalyptic, You'll Like This

"This cannot be happening? How will I survive?"

If you're a fan of post-apocalyptic novels like The Road, Wool, and Home you are going to love this new series: The No Where Apocalypse.

Follow Bob Reiniger as he wakes to find himself in the most impossible position he could ever imagine: The End Of The World As We Know It. And to make matters worse, he's alone, poorly supplies, and 400 miles from home. He is truly smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Now available on Amazon Kindle: Click here to get your copy today.

As always, thanks for following!

e a lake

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Things you won't miss in the Apocalypse: #4

Unwanted Phone Calls

We all hate them. And I don't think the discussion about the pesky interruptions in our day needs to go on any further. So when the Darkness wipes out phones -- all phones -- no one is going to miss any form of telemarketing.

No one is going to miss...

Unwanted telemarketers telling us they have a crew in our area today and they'd be happy to remove that low hanging tree branch. Newsflash -- I don't have any large trees in my yard. And even if I did, I'm sure I could handle it myself.

Or how about the lovely folks that call us on our cells, begging for donations. Yes, I love puppies, and old people, and clean air. No, I don't want to give money to Bernie, or Hillary or Ted. I don't care to share my pending vote on the citywide dog catcher referendum either. Just leave me alone.

I hate talking on the phone, anyway

Just ask my children. They'll tell you how a conversation with dear old Dad goes.

Them: Hi, what you doing?
Me: Super busy (sometimes true). What do you need?

So if I don't care to talk on the phone with my loved ones, why in the devil do I want to talk to you?

Sorry all teens, the Darkness will suck for you

Remember, all forms of electronic communications are going to die. That means no:
  • Lengthy calls with that person you can't live without
  • Chatting
  • Instagram
  • FaceBook Updates
  • Texting
I know, dagger through the heart. But there will be an upside. You're going to get to know your immediate family members better. Okay, this might not be such an upside for either party now that I think it through.

But you'll be too busy surviving (hunter/gatherer mode) to care anyway...after several months of iPhone withdrawal.

Want to talk to your friends? No problem, sort of. You'll need to figure out where Chrissy and Tommy and Trigger have gone to. You like dead people? (Not so much?) Then maybe you should just stay put with your family. It'll save the emotional trauma.

Yeah, it's going to suck

But look on the bright side. According to most "preppers" and "prepping experts", chances are you're not going to live more than a year or two. So that phone that's glued to your hand right now? Not a big deal when you're starving, or sick.

In the next ten days I'll be beginning a new series...five people you'll meet in the apocalypse.

Until then -- enjoy your phone....

e a lake

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Things you won't miss in the Apocalypse: #3

The Internal Revenue Service

Oh, my friends, this is a timely one!

There are two types of people in The United States: those that love tax day, and those of us who hate it. And these groups are easy to tell apart. Lovers of tax day get refunds. Non-lovers (like me) owe money at the end of the tax year.

The Darkness will save us all from Tax Day

And the dreaded IRS.

First off, if you get a large refund you're just plain silly...goofy in the brain. Why do you insist on lending people money at a zero percent interest rate? No one, and I mean absolutely no one, would do that for you. So that "forced savings plan" of yours that the government generously sends back to you was yours all along.

And if you owe, like me, why haven't you made your estimated payments? That would save you a whole bunch of grief come April 15th, you know.

But what if that all went away?

That's one of the benefits of the Darkness (or what you might call the apocalypse or TEOTWAWKI). No more taxes, or tax day. No more government. No more IRS!

Yeah, the Darkness will have its ugly side (or I should say sides) but taxes won't be one of them.

Most money and income will be gone

Transactions will become barter based. I trade you four cans of pork and beans for a live chicken. You trade two of those cans to another soul for five 12-guage shells. They trade one of those cans for a clean bottle of water. 

Much simpler, right? And no taxes to be paid.

You won't be going to work anymore. No more 9 to 5, no more bosses with unreasonable demands. No more rushing home to catch little Suzie's soccer practice.

What a nice simple life you'll have.

There will be a down side, of course

Finding food and water will be your new "Job". That and keeping yourself, and your loved ones, safe. But if you don't have to rush off to work, or worry about paying or filing your taxes, you're going to have all sorts of extra free time.

Is that a fair trade? Well, maybe.

Until next time when we talk about not missing the unwanted phone calls,

e a lake