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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just in time for the 4th of July

Now available on Amazon!

Whew! I wanted this out before the holiday (here in the States), and I made it. 

Book 2 of The No Where Apocalypse (Surviving No Where) is ready for your enjoyment. Pick up with Bob, and Lettie, and Dizzy and all the others as they continue to struggle to survive in a world without any of the luxuries that most of us are used to: Electricity, communications, transportation...hope.

Click the cover below to continue the adventure:

If you missed Book 1 (Stranded No Where), here's the link for that as well:

Coming in mid-August will be Book 3 of the saga: Defending No Where. Watch for that later this summer.

As always, thanks for reading my creations. Without you, I am nothing.

Until next time, Enjoy the Holiday,

e a lake

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Imagining No Where

What if? What if? That's the question.

Each summer I like to sneak up to our family cottage for a long weekend all by myself. No one but me and the dogs, a fishing boat, and my computer. Four days of downtime that allows me to recharge my internal batteries and sometimes come up with some great story ideas.

The same happens each falls when I sneak away to the family farm for a few days alone of bowhunting. I love being at one with nature: the chirping fluttering birds, squirrels chasing through the woods, sunshine on my face, and even the occasional drip of rain or two.

What if...

The Darkness arrived when I was on one of my trips? What if I awoke to no electricity, no phone service, a dead car, no running water, and a
new eerie haunting silence? What would I do then? What would you do then?

The first thing you might notice is that haunting silence. We, as humans, are so used to white noise that sometimes I wonder if we would know what true silence sounds like?

What if...

You were truly all alone? What if you had to depend on the kindness and generosity of strangers?

At the cottage, there are people I could turn to. And they might just be turning to someone else for answers. Most of these folks are rugged northwoods types. The power goes down a lot up there (in Northern Wisconsin). So they're used to dealing with an inconvenience like that. If it lasts for, say, years -- what then?

At the farm (in Southern Wisconsin) I am surrounded by Amish. Great stroke of luck there...at least for me. I often wonder how long it would take them to realize that TEOTWAWKI had come? They don't have cars or electricity. Most don't use cell phones (though I've seen a few sneaky ones with that device in their hand).

What if...

You never saw your family again? When would it first strike you that you were never getting home? Day 1, week 1, year 1? We all say we'd do our damnedest to get back to our loved ones. But talk is cheap. And the apocalypse is forever. Just ask Bob Reiniger. He'll tell you all about it.

Just some thoughts. That's all. Hopefully, they don't cause you to lose any sleep...hopefully.

Until next time,

e a lake