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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Separation of the USA -- Left and Right

Unless you live in a cave -- and a very deep one at that -- you know that our two-party system in the United States isn't working so well right now. Heck, it hasn't been working well in a while.

This group hates Trump and Ryan; that group despises Pelosi and Obama. The Clintons are immoral. Nixon was a terrible crook.

The left is for the people, all the people. The right stands only for the rich, the uber-rich.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!

There's a problem here, people. Want to know who has a worse approval rating than our current President? All of Congress, that's who.

And I haven't gotten to the worst part yet. The problem is deepening. Even though everyone in politics -- as well as the rest of us -- know there is a huge issue here, what are they doing? Are they playing nice and working on coming back to the table and seeing eye to eye?

Hell no! They're digging in their heels and widening the gap between themselves!

We are at an impasse, my friends. Plain and simple. The tipping point is nearing. And that means trouble for us in the United States, big trouble...for every one of us.

Here's what I think (and many agree with me). Our next Civil War will not be over resources, or states rights, or oppression. No, it will be Left vs. Right. Liberals vs. Conservatives. And this will be a war that will rip us apart.

I feel this way so strongly that my next series focuses on it. To discover more about those novels click here. I think you'll find it an interesting read.

I don't have a timeframe in mind and I pray such a war never comes. But as I watch the news each morning I can't help but see the writing on the wall. Forboding words that shake me to my core: This 200+ year experiment is no longer working!

That's all for now,

e a lake

Monday, March 26, 2018

When are you an adult? 18 or 21? Make up you mind, America!

Just so we're straight on this, I'm 58. None of what I'm about to spew out applies to me. But it does matter to me and gives me a pause with concern.

Right now, today, if a young person is 18 they are considered an adult...sort of.

They can: drive a car, vote, get married, have a child in or out of wedlock, enter into a legally binding contract and so on and so on and so on. Okay, got it?

They can also join one of our armed forces and serve (and potentially die) for their country. Kind of a biggie in my mind.

Now, they cannot legally buy or consume alcohol (though they can die for their country...kind of odd, but okay)! They still drink (some/most of them) and they still drive cars so I can see where you'd want them a little more mature before you give them access to liquor stores...sort of.

They cannot buy handguns and soon (if some people have their way) they will not be able to purchase certain other weapons until the age of 21. Some stores have already "self" implemented these policies.

But we still allow them to vote? Huh!

What is the age of majority in this country of ours (the USA)? Can someone please explain to me this sliding scale in a way that makes any sense?

Teens and 3,000# vehicles have always been a bad mix. Teens and alcohol can lead to trouble in a lot of settings. We all know what happens when angry or depressed teens get their hands on guns. And let's face it, most 18 year-olds understand as much about legal contracts as I do about using Pinterest (and that ain't much)!

However, the problem should be obvious to all: If an 18-year-old is an adult, then they're an adult. If you want them to be 21 before they have access to all these great things that we adults get to have, then make it 21. But this odd mixture has to go!

If they can enter the military then these people deserve to drink, and the right to buy whatever firearms are legal for the rest of us to purchase. I do not believe it's fair to give them some rights, but not all rights.

I believe our legislators need our help in solving this issue. Our children deserve a clean, uncluttered path to adulthood. Quite frankly I don't care what age is chosen (my youngest is 30 and served 8 years in the USMC). Just give them everything they deserve and don't keep certain parts of adulthood hidden from them behind "curtain #3" until they turn some other magical age.

What do you think? I want to hear from you on this! Please comment below.

Until next time,

e a lake

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Big Brother 2

This example of Big Brother meddling in your lives borders on stupidity! And the worst part is that people are doing it willingly.

The other day my wife was buying a bottle of wine at the liquor store. The clerk told her that as of January 1, 2018 they had to scan ID's on all liquor sales. Okay, seemed reasonable. I mean it's an easy solution to the store's liability in underage sales to minors. I get it.

But wait -- the punchline is coming.

I asked the clerk how fast the database they were creating got transferred to the State of Minnesota. She shrugged it away and made some kind of comment about why would the State want to look at their database. As far as she knew it went into some great void that was never touched again.




Let's not be stupid, people. If they've said ID's need to be collected on all liquor sales you can be darn sure the State has interest in that information. I mean, why else would they be collecting it?

Maybe liquor is the first of many steps. I can envision some time in the future going to buy a box of shells for my deer rifle and being asked for my ID so it can be scanned. Such a thing would help create a database of all of my weapons, submitted willingly by me each time I buy a different box of ammunition.

Starting to see the problem? Yeah!

Gun registration has its pitfalls. I can always buy a gun from a neighbor willing to part with one. I can inherit them from my family. And what about people who might steal my guns? None of these examples fall under the current gun registration laws.

You register your vehicles, your boats, your cell phones, your internet and now your alcohol purchases. Your pets are registered; even your children and yourself are all in some humungous government database.

And you've done it all willingly; never batting an eye or raising any concern as you did so. Thus, when they start asking for your ID to buy ammunition, don't be surprised. Just be a good sheeple and hand them your government issued ID. They'll thank you for your cooperation -- one way or another.

Do you have thoughts on this subject? If so, please comment on this post. I love hearing from free thinking people.

Until next time,

e a lake

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Have you heard??? I'm at it again!

I'll make this short and sweet; I've written another series. And while only two of the three books have been released at this point, I wanted to fill you in on this one.

It's called "The Indiana Apocalypse" and it takes place in... you guessed it, Indiana (the southern part to be precise).

But that's not the best part. No, the best part is the angle I've approached this one from.

Here's part of the hook:

What could be worse than coming to with no memory of your past?

Quinn Reynolds regains consciousness on a couch surrounded by four strange women. He wonders where he is, what he's doing, and most importantly who he is. When he finds out the world is in its sixth year of darkness, his mind is totally blown.

Here's the cover for the first book:

It's available on Amazon right now. You can get your copy by either clicking right here or by clicking on the picture above. Your choice! And remember, if you're a Kindle Unlimited reader you can get it for FREE!

I hope you enjoy the story and if you do I hope you'll consider purchasing Book Two Found.

That's all for this time. Until March, have fun and thanks for reading!

e a lake

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Big Brother 1

Here's a sign I saw in the Twin Cities a few days ago. It made me shake my head.

Was the State of Minnesota really telling me when to put gas in my car? And were they saying this so poor, old, stupid me wouldn't be out in the smog that I could clearly see? Or were they saying it because it was best for the environment? Or was there some other reason at play?

I appreciate the government worrying about my health (though it really is none of their business). I also appreciate them helping to remind citizens that the air was bad that day.

However, the role of government is not -- and never has been -- to tell me when I can and can't put gas in my car... or go outside ... or drive... or anything else that infringes on my personal liberties.

It's like the signs you see sometimes on the side of the road reminding you not to text. You know the ones; they usually have some clever slogan on them.

"Don't drive distracted."
"Drop the phone because I said so - Mom."
And my favorite...
"Texting and driving... It can wait!"

All they really need to say is something like what I saw in Wisconsin this past summer.

"Texting while driving is a $300 fine."

There, isn't that nice and to the point? Don't waste your time on snappy slogans ("this is your brain on drugs" was a huge failure); just give it to us straight. Trust me, we can handle the truth.

What are your feelings on the subject? I'd really like to hear from you. Am I over-reacting? Or am I simply pointing out another case of the government acting like Orwell's Big Brother? 

You all know where I stand!

Later people,

e a lake

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

WWIV - The Last Great War

The first novel I ever published was WWIV - In The Beginning. That was more than three years and 120 reviews ago. Since then I've added three more novels to the series:

WWIV - Hope in the Darkness

WWIV - Basiin of Secrets

WWIV - The Last Finders

Here are the covers for all of them (just in case you've never read the series).

Each book is a standalone novel. New characters and new surroundings are found throughout. In the Beginning starts in St. Paul, MN and works its way into western Wisconsin. Hope in the Darkness takes place just outside of Portage (WI). Basin of Secrets is set in Salt Lake City. And The Last Finders is near Eau Claire (WI).

Book one features Bill and Brit. Book two focuses on Hunter and Sister Thersa. Book three zeros in on Cara, Betsy and a man named Willem Tarlisch (my favorite antagonist to date). Book four deals with four friends (Wilson, Tiny, Judy, and Sharon). It also has a great antagonist that goes by the name of Captain Wayne.

So, WWIV is a series but not a serial. I know that some readers prefer it that way. If you haven't dipped your toe into the WWIV water, maybe now is a good time to start. They are all available on Amazon and Book One is always free.

Until next time - Read Like There's No Tomorrow (because if WWIV does come, there won't be one).

e a lake

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The No Where Apocalypse

Alone and drunk, Bob Reiniger awakens in a remote cabin in northern Michigan. He's on a break from his stressful life and job. A week of drinking, followed by another week of sobering up, is just what he needs. At least that's his plan.

Little does he know that he'll never again return to his life and his young wife in Joilett, IL. The end of the world as we know it has arrived while he slept.  And it traps him in the absolute center of NO WHERE!

With limited supplies and zero knowledge of how to survive on his own, Bob is forced to seek help from others. Even if that means meeting a strange cast of northern characters that each lives miles away from his grandfather's musty old cabin. Miles that must be traveled on foot. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Wolves, road bandits, and weather become his new adversaries. Even getting water from his well with a hand pump proves difficult. He worries that winter will kill him. If he only knew that several men would try to end his life before that, his worries could have been saved.

Come meet Bob. Come meet his neighbors: Dizzy, Lettie, Frank, Marge, Nate, and Violet. New people will enter his life. Some will be good and kind: Daisy, Libbie, Jean, Thaddeus Wilson and his sons. Others will be the scum of the Earth, looking to take all that is his.

In the end, Bob must either survive and protect his possessions and his friends, or give in and go the way of the former world!


If you are seeking a character driven, post-apocalyptic series for your fall reading -- these are the books for you. With over 300 four and five star ratings many have enjoyed Bob's tales. 

And, if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited you can read them all for free.

Check out book one of The No Where Apocalypse today.

Thank you for being a reader,

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