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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Christmas, Before The Darkness

I know, I know. It's Christmas time. Time to be happy, and jolly. All that peace on earth, good will toward men stuff.

But what if this was the last Christmas before the Darkness arrives?

You remember the Darkness, don't you? We've spoken about it for the past month. The Darkness: No electricity, No vehicles, No communications...No hope.

It's not very cherry, very Christmasy  - is it? Well, that's intentional; it's not supposed to be. You aren't meant to like the Darkness. Actually, you should fear the Darkness. Because - well - it's the Darkness. The time when all mankind will realize just how good they used to have it.

So really - what are you going to do?

Christmas will never, ever, be the same again. And that's not all bad, is it?

No more jam-packed stores for a month before Christmas. Well, no more stores really. Not like we know them nowadays. They will be much more utilitarian after the Darkness arrives. Groceries (some), clothing (limited), footwear (nothing like we have now). The most popular place just may be the livery stable...look if up if you need to kids, the rest of us can wait.

There will be no money to buy presents with

Barter and trade, people. That will be the new normal. And that's okay. You're going to be really busy hauling water and chopping wood anyway.

Presents? Yeah, those are going to become a thing of the past. Warm socks and coats may be the best presents given when the Darkness rules the earth.

How long before it - Christmas - disappears?

Let's hope it never does. But if the Darkness arrives, things will change. Permanently!

I pray that Christmas will always live in each of our hearts, our children's hearts, our grandchildren's hearts. Here's a picture of mine, taken along with my wife in Virginia over Thanksgiving. For their sake, as well as yours, let's all pray it never comes.

Merry Christmas everyone. And let's all express that for as long as we can. Before...well, you know.

e a lake

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