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Monday, February 15, 2016

Yes, it will be that BAD!

Tell me what you see here? Come on, tell me.

They're grocery store shelves, nearly empty. I believe this photo comes to us from the UK, but it's not a sight that we are immune to here in the US either.

The Great East Coast Blizzard of two weeks past

The above scene was shown in many, many papers. My youngest son and his family live in Norfolk (VA) proper. He told me people were going "nuts", stocking up on food and supplies there. And they were only going to get an inch, or two, of snow in that part of the state.

Any Hurricane about to hit mainland "Anywhere"

Last fall that same son of mine watched nervously for several days as a hurricane approached. Fortunately, for many people, it stayed out in the Atlantic (though they did receive tremendous amounts of rain). Nonetheless, people went crazy buying up food, water, building (perhaps re-building) materials and everything else they could get their hands on.

So yes, when the Darkness arrives, things will be messy

A common belief of many people is that if we experience some cataclysmic event, society will be all right for a while. Maybe a month, maybe two. But, in their minds, things will hold together longer than most preppers believe.


Imagine a world where your electricity is gone; your vehicle doesn't start - won't even turn over. A world where all forms of electronic communication fail to work.

And you can tell me - with a straight face - that all hell isn't going to break loose sooner rather than later? I don't think so, friend. This is the apocalypse...and the Darkness has arrived.

History, as mentioned above, proves me right. When things go bad, people tend to take care of themselves first, and later they will help their neighbors. But when this new world lasts for weeks on end, what's theirs is theirs. Plain and simple.

So yes, the Darkness will be that bad...and worse. Read all about it here: The Darkness.

Until next week, chin up. Spring is only three months away here in Minnesota.

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