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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Darkness: World War IV

The Darkness, simply put, is the End of The World as We Know It! The event which causes the Darkness is actually WWIII. It's an event that will last only mere moments, but what it leaves in its wake is a world we never expected. A place where life isn't as precious as it was - even moments before.

World War 3 has come and gone

It was the old "twinkle of an eye" kind of thing. One moment everything was fine: The world was whole, all things worked as intended, people - for the most part - were happy.

And then at 2:33 a.m. (US Central time zone) one hot August night, the world changed...forever.

Many of my readers assume it was an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). But let me tell you a secret - it wasn't. I can't tell you yet what exactly happened (and yes, I do already know), but if you look up at night, you'll have a hint.

What's the worst about the Darkness?

That's an easy one. Besides the obvious (everything!) here's what's missing.

Electricity disappeared with that eye twinkle as well. That's kind of a crucial utility to lose. That means your furnace won't work, neither will your air conditioning. And don't even get me started on what you're going to do for fresh water.

That means nursing homes and hospitals will be left without power (the backup generators got fried too).

People will start to die within hours. The old, the infirmed, those who depend on others for help or food. Babies in incubators and hooked up to machines will perish.

Within days our medical systems will be overrun and collapse. Police and emergency services will simply give up. There will be no Army or National Guard coming to the rescue. The American people, and every citizen of the world, will be completely helpless...and on the own.

And the Darkness will reign

Thus begins World War IV: Humankind's struggle for survival. Precisely what Einstein was speaking of in his quote. And the battle will be fought with sticks and stones.

And I'm not sure mankind will win.

It begins!


Until next time,

e a lake