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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So You think You Can Live Without This...

Here's one for you. Just how in the heck are you going to survive without Mr. Franklin's discovery - Electricity? Got that one figured out yet? Well, if WWIV ever comes a callin', you had better.

Life Without Power

Oh, this is going to suck, my friends. 

Let's take a peek at something most of us use every single day. A device that has made modern people's lives much simpler. The refrigerator.

If, like I write about in my WWIV series, one day our electricity disappears, your poor "ice box" ain't gonna work no more. Yikes; better open it sparingly, right? Ha! Better eat what's in there as fast as you can before it all spoils (and when your food does go bad - never open the door again).

What about air conditioning, heat, toasters, coffee makers? Nope, none will work any longer.

Hair dryers, televisions, radios, printers, garage door openers...will they survive? Absolutely not.

Please, you beg; please tell me my computer will work. Or at least my cell phone or my iPod? Sorry. All gone. Each and every one of them. Along with anything else powered (or charged) by electricity.

Can you say early 1800s?

And it continues to get worse.

All those fancy machines and gadgets in our hospitals will also be rendered useless. Further, without the power of electricity how are factories supposed to work? They can't, quite simply.

That means no more food production, medicine production, even toilet paper production.

Schools will close, people will die in nursing homes in rapid order. Gas can't be pumped any longer, so your car becomes worthless. And whatever's in the ground is all we are going to have for the rest of time. Because, and this is how bad The Darkness will be, none of it is ever coming back. Not for centuries to come.

So maybe we should look at the 1600s

I realize all of this is impossible to believe, improbable to comprehend, and unlikely to ever occur (at least you hope it doesn't), but what if it did. What if all the preppers and survivalists were right? 

What exactly are you going to do then? That's the ten-million dollar question.

No, I can't ever imagine the end of the world like portrayed in my novels - they're fiction after all.


Until next week, let me know what you'll miss most about electricity in the comment section below. I'll be waiting for your replies.

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