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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Walking Dead - Part Two

Last week son #2 (T.W.) and I discussed the history of this zombie apocalypse AMC hit. Graphic comics, characters, Atlanta (a terrible spot to be in this dystopian world). Quite a bit was spoken of actually. If you missed it: Click here to catch up.

This week we will cover additional topics about the show. The show's title, Whom do we trust, The main character (Rick Grimes), and so much more.

Cheat sheet if you would like to skip ahead to your favorite topic:

Problem 1 - Title: Who Is the Walking Dead? (1:00)

Problem 2 - Who do we trust? (2:45)

Problem 3 - Which Rick Grimes will we see next? (5:45)

Problem 3.1 - That Dang Carl! (9:00)

People (that we loved) we've lost (10:45)

Haunting Questions (13:35)

Until next week, consider picking up a graphic novel at your local bookstore and checking it out!

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