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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clean Drinking Water: Part 2

A few weeks ago I created a post on LinkedIn about drinking water. You can reference that post by clicking here.

The essence of the post focused on two things: 1) We already have a clean drinking water problem throughout this great world of ours, and, 2) In some type of post-apocalyptic future, lack of clean drinking water will kill more of our population than anything else. While I believe both of these tenants to be gospel truth, others will no doubt argue with my assumptions. And that's alright.

Bad Water Can and Will Kill You

As stated in my LinkedIn post, it is widely believed that a human being can exist three days without water. After that time, serious troubles begin. Three days people, THREE SHORT DAYS! 

Now you don't need a world changing event to find yourself in a position where three days passes. Your car could run off the road and down a small embankment on your upcoming 4th of July trip (for those of us in the US - In Britain I believe they refer to this holiday as America's Big Mistake).

Lying in a ditch, after crawling from your wrecked vehicle, you survey your surroundings. No food, no communication, and only a stagnant pool of water within reach. Worse, there's no chance of rain. The clock starts now; you have three days to get some clean water.

Ignore That Stagnant Pool - It's a Trick

You know what's going to happen if your thirst gets the best of you and you take a sip for relief? Dysentery. You know what dysentery does to the human body? It's not very pretty: Click here for details. Your last thought of your life may include, "Did I just fill my drawers, again?" YUCK!

It's a Worldwide Problem

Some sources claim that more than 750 million people around the world lack access to clean water. Lets's see; the US has about 330 million people. So that's more than twice the population of the US alone. To be more precise, more people lack clean drinking water than live in the US and The Euro Zone - COMBINED

It's 2015 people - that number should floor you. Yet, I know from personal experience, most - especially where I live - never give it a second thought. It, of course, being clean water.

Enter the Apocalypse

In my WWIV series the same fate of the 750 million will extend to all Nine (plus) Billion inhabitants of the earth. Well, it will be nine billion at first, but not for long.
We will have no power, no communications, almost no form of mass transportation. No pumping stations for your city water; no power to run the well for your private water source. What's at the store is all that's left - forever. 

Riots will ensue - hey, once your family members become ill - or die - all hell really will be unleashed in our world. There are solutions. Not for nine million people mind you, but some of us will make it.

All that's left to ponder is this: Are you one of the lucky ones who survives the first round of trouble? Or are you one of the lucky ones that leave this earthly plain as World War 4 unleashes its fury upon the world?

Now that I've left you with fun questions to ponder -- have a great three day weekend you American citizens. Pray the apocalypse gives you fair warning.

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