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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Walking Dead - Part One

So, you're a fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. Bully for you (and me...I love the show). Let's get right to it with this week's video.

This week, son #2 and I discuss the basics of the show, some of our favorite characters, the trouble with Atlanta, and even the graphic novel on which the show is based. Yes, we talk about zombies for a bit, the end of the world, the post-apocalyptic setting...all that happy stuff.

Next week we will explore the show even deeper. More specifically, we'll look into some of what I call "The Problems" with the show. At least issues that I have questions about. Perhaps son #2 will have some answers.

So look for the second part then; hope to have that up on Wednesday (7/29). Schedules and video feeds will determine that for us though...as it did this week.

Until then, have a great week. And start a good book!

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