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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Promo - Paperback Giveaway (Signed)


I'd like you to enter a giveaway. No big catches, nothing to buy, you don't have to promise to be my friend. All you need to enter is an email address - and I assume if you are on-line reading this, you have one.

What am I giving away? Great Question.

At this time I have two books in print: WWIV - In The Beginning, and, WWIV - Kids at War. By summer I will have two additional books ready for reading. I will be giving away two copies of each (in The Beginning, and Kids at War). One set on April 15th (Tax Day in the US), and another set on May 1st (May Day - all around the world, I believe). All will be signed and personalized for each of the winners.

Here's how you enter:

That's it, sign up and you are entered. I will announce, on my blog - this blog, the winners on April 15 and May 1. I will contact the winners at those times for their shipping information.

And there are no losers in this deal. Just providing me with your email address will keep you informed for future giveaways. I'm already planning a huge 4th of July promo; you will want to be part of my list for that (details in June).

As always, thank you for following this blog. Also, for those who have purchased and read my novels - Thank You, as well. I would be lost in this journey if not for you.

Have a great week, and enter for free paperbacks. Please feel free to enter once a week (if you would like to increase your odds of winning).

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