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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When Fantasy and Reality Clash

Let me set the scene for you: It's mid-day in mid-April. The skies are as clear as a baby's complexion, and a beautiful deep blue. The wind, what little there is, cools our skin; the temp is close to 70. The place - Costal Virginia. The event - a one-year-olds birthday party.

So, all you post-apocalyptic fans out there, look at the picture below. What AMC show title slaps you in the face when you peek at the pic? What music theme enters your brain? What do you expect to come out of the sparse woodlot?

If you answered anything but THE WALKING DEAD, you are incorrect.

Come on, don't you just expect zombies to come out of the head-height brush? Sneaking up (as best as zombies can) and claiming these folks as victims? If you are one of the people in the pic, what would you do if you heard the telltale moans coming from the woods? Run like hell, right? Just be sure to grab the baby on your dash back to the apartment.

It's not Georgia, but it's Close

Truth be told, almost all of THE WALKING DEAD has been filmed in Georgia. And almost all of it within a stone's throw of Atlanta. The above pic, again, is from Virginia. But much of the south - to a northerner like me - is similar. And it iss a great place for the series to be based.

If you're a fan of THE WALKING DEAD you'll be happy to know that I have two posts coming up next month about the show. I'll give you my take on the good and puzzling of the series (now ready for season six next fall). I already said I'm a fan, but there are still things that make me wonder. I bet some of you have the same thoughts.

What would YOU change?

If we are honest, there are always things you would change in what you watch and read. Some characters are portrayed incorrectly, perhaps: Daryl should have shorter hair? Lori should still be alive? Why are they circling Atalanta for so long? So many questions; so much opportunity for interpretation.

Look for those posts in the next three or four weeks. Even if you are fan #1 of the show, I promise I have some thoughts that you might not have come up with yet.

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