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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Time to Put an End to Bullying

That's a pretty aggressive statement, I know. But haven't we had just about enough of this to last a lifetime? Isn't it time for all of us to work collectively at getting rid of bullying?

First a little history lesson.

Bullying has been going on FOREVER!
If not a little longer. 

Once upon a time, bullies would call others out for a duel (or visa-versa). If their shooting prowess was at least a little better than their opponents, the bully prevailed. If not, end of that bully. Seemed simple enough. Dangerous, and lethal, but much more direct than we see nowadays.

In this world we find emotional bullies, physical bullies, physiological bullies, and cyber bullies. That's quite a variety, but make no mistake - a bully is a bully is a bully.

To me (and many, many others) all bullying is wrong. If I search my mind, I can't come up with a single instance where bullying is an appropriate action.

Let me first address any bullies that may be reading:

Stop it, Stop it right NOW!

You think you're cute, you think you're clever, you think you are innocently hurting no-one? WRONG! You are not cute, or clever, or innocent - you are hurtful, spiteful, mean and ignorant.

Chances are, if you are a bully, you've been bullied somewhere in your past. Or you may be in a relationship right now where you are the victim of this awful scourge. Humans as a whole are not wired to be mean to others. It's more of a learned behavior. Want to stop the vicious cycle? Keep Reading.

You want to meet someone's who really cute and clever and a whole lot tougher than you? Then I recommend joining the United States Marines. They have these folks called SDI (Senior Drill Instructors) who will show you a whole new level of cute and clever thoughts, and toughness. I guarantee that once you get through basic training, you'll never bully again.

Are you being Bullied at this Time?

Here's the best pieces of advice I can give to you if you are being bullied by someone.

First, remove yourself from the situation. Some big kid wants to take your lunch money? Avoid him or her. Someone wants to insult you and say hateful things to you? Turn away and don't give them a chance. Stand up for yourself. Leave the situation and even remind them that you are not going to waste your time listening to someone who has nothing nice to say. And then LEAVE!

Maybe it's a "friend" who's attacking you. Take my advice; you need (and deserve) better friends. Drop that person like a bad habit and never go back to them. You (all of us actually) deserve to be happy. Take charge of your personal happiness. You don't need friends that are not as nice to you as you are to them.

Are you being bullied in CyberSpace? Cut it off! I mean it. You don't like what people are saying about you on FaceBook? Delete your FB page. Twitter getting you down? Cut that one into cyber-pieces as well. You don't have to go out on the web and be attacked. Even though it's wrong of others to disparage you on the web, you don't need to take part. Again, take charge of your life and your personal happiness.

Tell adults and all your friends about your bullies

This is my second piece of advice for you - tell others. I know, you think this is embarrassing and personal, but it doesn't need to be. Your parents, teachers, and friends can (and WILL) help you. These people love and care about you. Really, they do. But they have to know what's wrong before they can help.

If it takes changing schools, so be it. Trust me; it's not the end of the world. Perhaps you'll have to make new friends. Hey, there are better ones out there. But you'll never know about these people until you actively seek them out.

But here's the bottom line: It's never worth hurting yourself over. NEVER! There are other (much better) alternatives. There are people who care about you very much and are waiting to help you. You deserve these people. So never be too ashamed or hurt or humiliated to seek them out.

Many, may people are on your side. You just can't see them right now through all the hurt and pain. I'm on your side. That's why I am dedicating myself, my blog and my writing to help put an end to this tragic problem. NEVER give up on yourself. NEVER stop trying.

In two weeks, I'll be making a special announcement regarding this subject. And it will be me in a VideoBlog, not just me writing all these words that at times may not be enough. Watch for my July 30th post!

Until next week (when we talk about Our Troops), make this a special day in your life!