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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charity: Begins at Home

Sometimes it's real easy to say you support this or that, or maybe you post a whole series on it. That's all good and fine, but I want to do more for the causes I support.

This week I announce specific plans to support each of the issues I feel strongly about. Immediately below you will find the issue, and the level of my support. I am pledging support upfront with these causes. I'm not waiting until I've made X amount of money or sold Y amount of books. Something from each sale, not matter how large or small, will be contributed to these causes.

By making my plans known upfront, I allow my readers and followers to hold me accountable to these promises. As such, I ask that each of you share this with two or three of your friends. And have them share it with their friends.

Without further discussion, here goes:


A well read population is a better educated population. Many authors support this cause (literacy) and I do as well.

September is National Literacy Month. That makes September a perfect time to set aside some money for the promotion of literacy.

During the month of September, I pledge to give 20 cents from every book sold to help promote literacy, both here and abroad. I place no cap on this pledge. If I sell 1,000 books, $200 will be donated. If I sell 2,000 books, $400. You get the idea.

So far I've sold an average of 700 books a month. September will see the release of Book Two of my WWIV series. Thus, I anticipate higher numbers. As a base pledge, I will give $140 to literacy no matter how many books I sell.

So, it's up to my readers as to how much above that $140 mark I will give. Again, NO top end. Twenty cents on every book no matter how many books are sold.

I will spend the next six weeks vetting the best place for this donation. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me via email at: ealake5@gmail.com.


This is something that needs our attention now! Our children of all ages need to feel safe. They don't need the stress or concern or intimidation caused by bullying. As such, I will help.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month here in the US. That's a great time to focus on this cause. I really want to do something special here.

During the month of October, I will create a small novel (novella) of about 30,000 to 40,000 words that deal specifically with this topic. Now, it will be symbolic for the most part, and the bullying that occurs will be hid in a metaphor. But I think you are going to like it.

If I write it in October, it will be edited in November and ready for release on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, etc... before Christmas. I'm thinking this will sell for 99 cents on all outlets (to make it affordable). It will still be Dystopian in nature, but I have the perfect setting and storyline that will bring bullying to the forefront.

For as long as I'm alive, I pledge 75% of all net proceeds from the sale of this story towards various anti-bullying causes. If enough copies sell each year, this amount could be nice. At a minimum, I will give $250 to the cause each year - regardless of how many copies sell. I will try and announce each October how many copies sold in the last year and how much money was given.


Another worthy cause. Bodily injuries, mental anguish, emotional distress - all harms that befall our young men and women who serve their country voluntarily. While Washington, and our taxes, do provide some help, more is still needed. And that's where I'll help out.

Next year (2015), I will be releasing  Book One of a new series, The Smith Chronicles. This first book will be released under the title of Golden 5. There will be at least another three books in the series. Each of these books is almost twice as long as my current series. I'm planning on making them great reads, for my great readers.

While this series is more Dystopian, and not post-apocalyptic, than the WWIV series, there will be plenty of action and suspense. Chances are Golden 5 (and the subsequent books) will appeal to a wider audience than my first series. As such, these should be good sellers.

From this series, I pledge 25% of all net proceeds to be donated to causes that support our troops and veterans. As 2015, and the books release, draw closer - I will let you know what causes the money will go to. One will have to do with physical injuries - a charity similar to Wounded Warrior Project. Another will deal will emotional and physical problems - something like Soldiers to Summits. Still another will deal with PTSD, and a last will be a local California organization where MY Marine spent the first four years of his service.

If this series sells exceptionally well (and I have no idea what that means after being a published author for only 4 months) I will use some of the funds from these books to help equal out support for the first two causes mentioned above. If I make $10,000 from the sale of this series, I will be more than happy to give away in excess of $2,500. There is no limit to how much I feel I should give. I have already exceed my expectations (and wildest dreams) with the sales to date of WWIV - In The Beginning. I'd like to make a difference in this world; I'd like us all to make a difference. And together we can...we will!

Until next week, read a classic or a brand new author. You never know what's waiting for you in the world of books. And take a few minutes during your week to perform random acts of kindness.