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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book Two of the WWIV Series: An Introduction

I'm going to start by showing you a picture. Then I'll tell you a little story.

What you see above is the location for the second book in the WWIV series. The book will be titled Kids at War.

The picture is of an old farmhouse in south-central Wisconsin. You know the place, America's Dairyland. Wisconsin; home to cows and corn, milk and cheese, beer and brats. But that was in the olden days. Before whatever happened, happened.

I have to tell you, this is a perfect dystopian setting (and picture, for that matter). The actual house is more than 100 years old. Its only heat comes from two wood-burning stoves. The stove in the dining area is an old cookstove, complete with oven and warming bins. It's so cool.

Just look at the exterior. It's seen much better days. And the bare trees along with the grey overcast sky lowers the mood to the right level. You can't possibly expect anything good to happen here, can you?

The book takes place almost six years after the lights went out. Remember, there's no power, no electronic communications, no running cars. None of the neat stuff we are so dependent on today. The only things that have changed since book one (In the Beginning) are the characters and the location. Those, and the fact that humanity has continued its decline for the past number of years.

I want to be very clear about this book. Kids at War has nothing to do with arming children and using them as soldiers. I'm not saying that couldn't happen in this dark world, but that's not my focus. In this book, we will follow one nun, five teens, their special care packages, and the only man serving as their protection. A reclusive drunk named Hunter.

As you would expect, there will be trouble. And it will arrive in many forms. Can a nun and a drunk ever get along? Can five teens be shoved, by the malevolent militia, into a quaint rural setting with little support? Will Hunter be the man they hope he can be? Actually, can Hunter be that man? Will trouble find the group or pass them by? Will the author ever give us a break from the continual feeling of impending doom? (Ha, hardly)

This book is planned for release in about two months. At least I hope it's ready for publishing by mid-June. Worst case scenario, I'll have it ready shortly after the 4th of July. I'm being ever so careful to make completely sure this book is the perfect addition to the WWIV series. Thus, if that takes a little extra time, so be it.

I think you, the reader, are going to enjoy book two. While written in third-person, it comes to you mostly from Theresa's POV. Theresa is our starring nun. I try and focus on the teen's changed lives. How different everything will be for our young people in the "new" world. The novel is still dystopian, and not what I'd ever call Young Adult, but it is intended to remind us of the youthful ability to make the best of any situation. Even one as bad as I present in this novel. 

Watch for further announcements as release day approaches. And thanks for following my blog (also called ramblings by some in my family).

Keep reading and always challenging your mind.