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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A good thing about the Apocalypse

Well, there's actually a couple of good things.

No Elections to Fret Over

Not sure about you, but I'm sick of political ads, pointless debates, and general mudslinging. I sure won't miss any of those if the EOTWAWKI comes in my lifetime.

Organic is the Only Way

My wife is gluten and lactose intolerant. She is also allergic to carrots, celery, tree nuts, and an assortment of other things.

To combat this she likes to eat as natural as possible. And I get to eat as natural as possible as well (oh goody)!

I am so sick of companies claiming their food is all organic or natural. You want natural? Kill it, grow it or produce it yourself. That way you know for sure where your food is coming from.

So, maybe my type 2 diabetes will disappear when the end comes. Or maybe not. My wife says the jury is still out on that.

In my current series, The No Where Apocalypse, a regular old guy from the Chicago area (one that's never grown a thing in his life...except a beard) finds himself stranded in Northern Michigan when the lights go out. Now he'll have to grow, kill and produce if he wants to stay alive.

Check it out by clicking on the picture below. One Amazon reviewer said it is 'well written and depressing.' I'm pretty sure he meant the depressing part as a compliment.

Until next time, have a great fall (all of you in the northern hemisphere).

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