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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Now In Paperback

Because some people have asked, I'd like to bring to your attention that the above books are available in paperback. 

There will be one more book in this series -- Searching No Where. That one will be available in paperback, and ebook, in late November (2016).

To purchase any of these books in paperback, click on the picture above. To get them in ebook just click on the title below.

If you would like to receive a signed paperback (and I still feel funny offering these, but they are requested) click here. Tell me who you are, what your email address is, and in the "Message" field let me know you'd like a signed paperback. We'll make arrangements to get you one. If you live in the continental US they will cost you $15 each (including postage and handling). If you live elsewhere, I will have to figure out the postage before I can give you a firm price.

As always, thanks for reading. Your support is the most important thing to me. Without you, I simply don't exist!


Stranded No Where
Surviving No Where
Defending No Where

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e a lake

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