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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just in time for the 4th of July

Now available on Amazon!

Whew! I wanted this out before the holiday (here in the States), and I made it. 

Book 2 of The No Where Apocalypse (Surviving No Where) is ready for your enjoyment. Pick up with Bob, and Lettie, and Dizzy and all the others as they continue to struggle to survive in a world without any of the luxuries that most of us are used to: Electricity, communications, transportation...hope.

Click the cover below to continue the adventure:

If you missed Book 1 (Stranded No Where), here's the link for that as well:

Coming in mid-August will be Book 3 of the saga: Defending No Where. Watch for that later this summer.

As always, thanks for reading my creations. Without you, I am nothing.

Until next time, Enjoy the Holiday,

e a lake