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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How the End of the World Will REALLY Look

Recently, Howard Godfrey had a post entitled "What are Realistic Expectations TEOTWAWKI". Howard writes on his site, Preparedness Advice Blog, about all things apocalyptic and such. And most weeks I read his advice.

Here's a link to his post and a copy of the great picture he used to promote it (I really love this pic):

Howard points out several things that we may or may not be ready for when the apocalypse arrives. And if you've been a reader of mine, several of these will sound eerily familiar.

1. Food will be in extremely short supply

Grow it, grill it, or catch it -- those are your options. No more running to the store for this or that. Fast food? Ha; gone with the wind. And you've probably had your last taste of milk for a while -- perhaps ever.

The lack of food and fresh water will probably do most people in. Even some of the causal preppers won't be ready to take and prepare their own meals.

2. Like and work will be starkly different

On the good side, you won't have to go to that job you hate so much anymore. Your job now will be surviving, and that means several different things.

First and foremost your days will be consumed with finding water and food (as mentioned above for their importance). This will be difficult without a car; maybe even impossible for some. And consider this: have you ever field dressed a deer before, much less a rabbit or a squirrel? There's no zippers on those animals you know.

When you're not hunting or foraging, you'll most likely be protecting you home, your supplies, and your family. Like Howard says in his article: "Try standing watch most of the night and then do a full hard day's work."

Life as we know it will be gone. A new world will await your every day. A world you won't recognize. A harsh, stark world that may just eat you alive...if you aren't prepared.

That's what happens to Bob Reiniger in my latest series Stranded No Where. He wasn't prepared, and he struggles oh so mightily.

I'm off for a long weekend in Virginia with family. I sure hope TEOTWAWKI doesn't happen while I'm gone. I didn't leave my daughter and her husband with all that much food for my two dogs.

Until next time -- keep reading,

e a lake