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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crash and Burn

Oh my, has it really been two weeks since I've posted last? Two weeks without thinking of my blog? Two weeks since I somehow (and quite magically) crashed my own website? Yeah, two long painful weeks.

Guys like me should never be allowed to manage their own sites. I'm mean, come on; keeping my blog posts in order is hard enough. I keep busy with a full-time job...and creating characters and chaos in my WWIV series.

Yet somehow, I decided to update my website...all by myself

I put that in red for a reason. Red means danger; danger means do not touch. And still, I touched.

Somehow I got it in my mind that I needed to change hosting services. I can't recall where the idea hatched, but after spending five minutes on the web it seemed easy enough to me.

I even made a back-up people! I mean I followed every step of every list my fully-vetted five minute research named.

I made the switch, sat back, and enjoyed a Diet Dew. It was only a matter of time before my new, beautiful, clean site would be born. And I relished every second of the anticipation.

And then...there was nothing

It was just a glitch I told myself. Wait 24 hours and all will be fine.

Twenty-four hours later, still nothing!

Two harrowing weeks later, I'm back up and running. Even able to speak to people in full sentences that aren't profanity laden. I learned, I think.

I'd love to tell you I'll never do this again. I'd love to promise you my techie days are in the past. I'd love to say that never again will I attempt to install MailChimp on a site only having watched a quarter of the video (it seems they hide the good stuff toward the end).

But I hate to lie. Unless, that is, it's in a novel.

So back to writing, back to editing, back to publishing; the areas I'm actually good at.

Oh yeah, above is a snapshot of my new site. If you want to see it in action, go ahead and click on the pic. Comments are always welcomed...always. And anyone that spots any ugly stuff on the site, please feel free to drop me a line. Thanks.

Next week continues my discussion on "The Game of Thrones." Son #2 and I will go over my choices for the three most lackluster heroes from the show (and I just know he's going to skewer me on two of them).

Have a great week!

e a lake

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