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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Cheer For One and All

This week I'd like to recognize some of my new friends that I've made this year. All these people have been met in my new world of writing. And I'm pleased to call them my friends.

Rob Bignell

Rob is a fellow author from nearby Hudson, WI. Rob also serves as my main editor. His was the first outside opinion I received on my debut novel; and I still smile when I read the kind words he wrote to me.

As an editor, you can find Rob at: http://inventingreality.4t.com/selfpublishingservices.html

Rob also writes a series under Hikes with Tikes, as non-fiction group of books that has all sort of great ideas for hiking with kids.

Further, he writes a non-fiction series under the 7 Minutes... title. Here he explores self-publishing, promotion, writing your best seller, etc...

You can find all of Rob's information by clicking on this link.

Nina (NR) Champagne

Nina is a friend of mine from England. She's an ex-American, living abroad now (as they say). Nina and I have gotten to know each other, mostly through emails, and have become comfortable enough to bounce ideas off one another.

Nina has written two novels thus far, both are available on Amazon:

The Wood Maiden of Falashiel

Click on either title to discover more. Nina also does some editing and proofreading work from her home in England. Check her out here, at her website. 

Bella Harte

Bella is a blogger, author, and friend also from England. She was the first person to reach out and ask me if I'd like to do a guest post on her blog. As such, she'll always have a special spot in my writing heart.

Here's a link to Bella's blog: www.bellaharte.blogspot.co.uk

You can also check out Bella's two novels, available on Amazon, by clicking on either title below.

Other New Friends (and I'm running out of room)

I don't want to forget anyone special I've met on this new journey in 2014, but I'm sure I will. Here are several author independent/self-published authors who have taken the time to get to know me, and help out with kind words and encouragement:

Gemma Wilford; her novel (The Ruby of Egypt)
@Missuswolf (Twitter handle)

Dylan Newton; (Despite the Fangs)
Not on Twitter (come on Dylan). But she is on Google+
David Tindell; (Quest For Honor)

Maron Anrow; (Laika in Lison)

Fiona Quinn; (Chaos is Come Again)

Thank you one and all. If I missed you on this list, thank you as well. I haven't intentionally left anyone off, but room is limited (as always).

To each and every reader of my blog this year - a HUGE holiday THANKS! Many more people read this spot each week than I am deserved of. 

Next week I will wrap up the year and tell the tale of how I did as an author in 2014. I won't hold anything back. So if you are looking for honest numbers and info from a debut novelist, it will all be there.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or Blessed Holidays to each and every one of you!

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