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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

War of the Worlds: Part Two

Just before Christmas, I'll be releasing a prequel to my WWIV series. I wish I could tell you the title of this creation, but I haven't finalized that as of yet. The good news is it will be available for all types of e-readers for the holidays. The great news is that this prequel (primer) will be FREE!

So lake, tell us what happened - what caused WWIV

Sure, my pleasure.

Wait, no one really knows yet. Some say nuclear war, others vote EMPs. A few brave souls have gone with high intensity solar flares. But here's the point:

It doesn't matter what caused the event, it's how people deal with it

Really, trust me on this. I'll tell you exactly what happened to cause WWIV, but all in good time. Specifically, I'll lay out all the juicy details in Book Five, WWIV - The Truth. At least that's what I'm calling it right now.

However - spoiler alert - there will be hints in this prequel. But the prequel, much like my novels, will deal mostly with small bits of humanity; and how these tiny insignificant people try and exist.

You see, five weeks after our world (as we know it) ends, will anyone really care what caused it? Or will most people be busy trying to survive, trying to find fresh food and water, trying to find help for their medical maladies? You get the point.

Don't believe everything you see on TV

There is a popular show on one of the major networks portraying a similar situation as to what you find in my series. But here's the rub; these people on TV had it too easy. They had food and water (What a Miracle!) and only seemed to worry about getting the power back on. Hmmmm.

How much fresh water do you have at your house? Me - about a days worth. Food - I have plenty, but most of it requires cooking. And it's not very transportable. And here's a fun tidbit to add - the temp here this morning was 12 degrees. At least it was above zero.

So just who in the world, a world decimated by some unknown force/war, is going to have much extra time to go about trying to get the power back up and running? If it even will, people! Survival will become paramount. A few fights or stabbings over food, and we'll see what society looks like on the other side.

Enjoy Thanksgiving (here in America)! Eat too much, drink too much, and sleep too much. Who knows...this may be your last peaceful holiday. Until next time, read something to a child! They'll love you for it.


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