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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Fun Facts About Me: e a lake

I'm doing something different in today's blog. I'm giving other writers, and any readers that follow this blog, a chance to know a little bit more about me. So, here goes.

1. I came late to the writing party

What I mean by this is I was 50+ before I ever gave serious consideration to writing a novel. And then it took another three years to start. I had a great idea from a series of dreams I had seven or eight years ago. Still, I didn't know anything about the author game. I'm an accountant; be serious I thought. But after a few years of chewing on the dreams, I gave it a go. And I couldn't be any happier with my decision.

Book one of the WWIV series (In The Beginning) is doing so much better than I ever dreamt it would. For that, I am truly thankful. I'm also fortunate because people are beginning to ask when book two (Kids at War) will be ready. Some indie authors never get this far. So for all the success I have experienced, I thank my readers.

2. I hunt...A LOT

I mostly bow hunt, and mostly white-tailed deer. There's just something about a midwest fall afternoon in the woods. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My hunting mostly consists of sitting and taking in everything interesting around me. Watching squirrels play, hawks floating on thermal currents, the occasional raccoon or turkey. It's just the way I prefer to spend my falls. If I'm lucky, I even get some venison for the freezer every third year or so.

I drive my oldest son absolute bonkers because I rarely have a tale of game taken or a dramatically missed shot. Mostly, I say something like "Well, I saw a nice buck, but he wasn't in my comfort zone." Or, "I had a nice doe wander by, but I never got a clean look at her."

3. I am NOT a Prepper

This may shock some of you. One would naturally assume that a person who writes novels about the end of the world as we know it would be a prepper. But I'm not. That doesn't mean I'm ignorant to intelligent preparedness. My wife and I have a bug-out plan. We just hope what happens in the WWIV series isn't what hits this great land of ours. Sure, we could bike or walk to our preplanned destination, but we'd much prefer to take a vehicle. Remember, I'm almost 55...I'm old (not really).

Trust me, I believe some level of preparedness is necessary. Just how much? Well, I can't really say because I am not an expert. My novels in the WWIV series deal more with common people than actual real life preppers. If you at least have a plan in case something happens, that's probably better than 90% of the folks in the world right now.

4. I have a heart, I just can't write like it

Want to know who makes the most money in this biz? It's those romance novelists. That's where the big bucks are in this biz. But, and this is a big qualifier, it's a hard genre to break into and rise in. Romance is where you find a lot of authors and a lot of heady competition.

And then there's the other thing: the mush factor. I can be as romantic as the next guy...sometimes. I'm just not overly romantic. As such, I'd have a hard time writing about people's feelings of love (and lust) and all that kissing and hugging that goes along with such romance. Somewhere buried in my first Smith book, one person expresses their love to another. You want romance? From me? That's all you're going to get; that's all I'm capable of.

5. I plan on writing a large number of books

I am not a one and done author. I have plans; big plans. I have one published novel and four completed manuscripts in various stages of editing and rewrites. There are eight titles planned for my WWIV series and six for the Smith Chronicles. I also have plans for two or three stand alone titles at the point in my new journey. That makes at least sixteen or seventeen novel I plan to produce over the next three of four years. And that's just to start. Who really knows where this will all lead.

Okay, I know I probably didn't disclose anything too shocking here, but it's a start. Now, you know a little more about me. The writer me and the real person me. I hope you enjoy these five fun facts; it took me a long time to come up with five things I thought were worth sharing.

I'll have another post for you this coming Friday morning. The long Memorial Day weekend threw me for a loop this shortened work week. Starting this June, I will be posting in this blog once a week – every Tuesday. In July i will post weekly as well, but I'll be covering something a little different. I will be introducing you to three issues that I feel strongly about. Each week I will cover each issue in depth and let you know why it's special to me and how I plan to help out in each area.

Until next time...keep reading.