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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Best One Star Review EVER!!!!

I know what you're thinking: How can a one-star review, something that brings down the overall rating of the book, be a good thing? Well folks, this one made me do a fist pump.

First, the review (covering WWIV - In The Beginning):

Grammar and punctuation were good. Story really sucked. Evidently it was written by a progressive liberal woman who never got out of the suburbs. If I had run across this wimp wussy main character, I would have shot him myself or even worse in the author’s eyes, I would have used really harsh language and unpleasant words. I am sorry I wasted the money on this Berkeley left-wing coward’s story.

On the surface, it looks bad

Let's see: Story sucks, wussy main character, wasted money.

Yep, that's a bonafide one-star review. No way to sugar coat or deny anything the reviewer mentions. Remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. They give me their money, they get to say what they want. It's a fair system and I have no problem with it whatsoever.

But this reviewer really gets it...I mean REALLY gets it

 Let's take it point by point, shall we?

1. Written by a progressive liberal woman. 
      Nope, not even close. But thank you for observing the mindset I used when I wrote the novel.

You see, I'm a man and always have been. And while my daughter and her husband are quite liberal - as well as both my brothers - I'm quite conservative. As in I'd still be voting for George Bush (either one is fine) if I could.

2. ...even worse in the author's eyes...harsh language.
     And that's exactly how you should see Bill Carlson (the story's protagonist). 

Bill's not the bravest human being, he has little to no spine, avoids confrontation, and despises profanity. He'd rather have everyone join hands and buy them all a Coke when things went bad.

3. ...money on this Berkley left-wing coward's story.
     Here I'm a little lost. Is the reviewer speaking of me, or Bill? It kinda makes a difference.

Bill is a Berkley left-wing coward. Though I expect he went to another fine left-wing liberal college. Perhaps UW-Madtown. Me? Again, conservative...extremely. And though I've been to California, I've never been to Berkley. To be exact, I'm not sure they'd even let me on the campus. I prefer a gas guzzling SUV to a Prius.

I LOVED this review

You know why? Because the reader got the story. He saw Bill for what he was. And he hated the fact that people like Bill Carlson will survive an apocalyptic event.

And that's precisely how and why I wrote the story.

There's plenty of "realistic" doomsday books out there. Rambo leads the world to safety. Jesse the Body saves the President. Some rich dude saw the end coming and used his fortune to get prepared.

Boring, cliche, and over-written.

What happens to 85 percent of the world when an EOTWAWKI event comes? That's what this series is about. Real people, with real problems, and real bad luck and choices. (For you non-preppers, you'll have to look up EOTWAWKI...you'll get it when you see it).

I am not upset at all about what this honest reviewer said about Book One - In The Beginning. He was dead on with his assessment of the book. He saw exactly what I tried to get across. He just didn't like it.

And I'm okay with that!

Next week I hope to have another Game of Thrones post for you. I know, I've been promising that for a while now. I'm getting there.

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