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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Something New, Finally

I've been tied up writing a new novel most of this month. So I apologize for no posting at all.

The good news is that the novel is more than half complete. In excess of 50,000 words have poured out of my brain and onto the pages of my writing program. In the next few weeks, I will complete the manuscript. And it should come in somewhere around 85,000 words (if not a little longer).

And there's a surprise with this one; it is not part of the WWIV series. It is a true Dystopian novel, taking place here in America - at least what once was America - some seventy years from now.

This writing is very Orwellesque, if I do say so myself. And once again, it came to me at night, in a dream. Read more about that dream (actually a group of dreams) here:  Click here!

Also, book three of the longer tales in the WWIV series is all written and just going through some rewrites before being sent off to the editors. I truly believe it is the star of the series. I love everything about it: the cast of characters, the setting, the triangulated story-line. Proud is how I describe the feeling when I think of it. Look for that book, WWIV - Basin of Secrets, later this summer.

Be sure to check out the above-mentioned post before you leave. Again, here is the link:
It's all about how my dreams turn into novels.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend to all my US readers. Grab a new read for the extended holiday!

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